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We are currently recruiting a member of the Division of Assistants to Directors who will provide support to the Head of Division and Board of Directors.

The ideal candidate will have very strong computer skills, logical thinking and a  proactive attitude.

Ø   The Assistant duties include:

-   Providing secretarial and administrative support to the Head of Division and the Board of Directors.

-   Checking periodic reports from all Department according to instructions from the Head of Division.

-   Researching and assembling information from a variety of sources for the preparation of reports and correspondence for the Head of Division.

-   Drafting business and administrative management procedures.

-  Typing and/or drafting clear, accurate and concise memoranda, correspondence, presentation, remarks, reports, contracts, agreements and other documents from brief instructions.

-  Taking meeting minutes if necessary.

-  Proofreading and checking typed documents and other materials for accuracy, completeness and compliance with the Company’s policies and procedures.

-  Routing incoming correspondence, reports, requests and instructions; handling or refering matters as directed.

-  Keeping diary of workload and time schedule.

-  Assisting with the preparation of Board reports and papers.

-  Written translation for required documents/letters/materials if required.

-  Performing other duties as assigned.

Ø   Reporting relationship:

Report directly to the Head of Division.

Ø   Required skills and experience:

-  At least one years’ experience, othewise proven excellence in extracurricular activities.

-  Strong computer literacy in particular Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and searching tools.

-  Exceptional attention to details.

-  A high standard of written English (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent is an advantage).

-  Highly initiative, responsible and resourceful.

-  Ability to work under pressure, short deadlines and extra hours if needed.

-  Knowledge of administrative and management practices and procedures.

-  Independent working ability with high concentration and teamwork.

Ø   Other requirements:

-  Male/female over 25 years old.

-  University graduated in Economics/Business Management/Foreign Trade/Project management/Laws or relevant fields.

-       Only English CV/Resume is accepted.


Ø   Benefits:

-  Salary and increment based on personal ability.

-  Other bonuses in accordance with the Company’s policies.

-  Insurance is joined after probation.

-  Open working environment.


We only accept candidates who possess the correct skills for this role as mentioned above.

Please send your CV to the following email:

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